Fair Go's Pippa Wetzell on her dream holiday and New Zealand's best secret
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Fair Go's Pippa Wetzell on her dream holiday and New Zealand's best secret

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The Fair Go presenter has ventured overseas a fair few times, but you won't hear her complaining about being confined to local adventures.

First trip I remember: Overseas, it was going to Fiji when I was about six years old. Back home, we spent many a summer staying at the Piha campground – such fabulous memories.

A polariod of Piha at sunset taken from a high angle

Piha on repeat.

Last trip I remember: Chicago in 2019 to support my husband [Torrin Crowther] running the marathon. I nearly didn't go, so given the lack of any international travel at the moment, I'm really glad I did.

Best trip: Any trip is amazing, but we did spend some time in Whistler a few years back, which was a truly special family holiday.

A Polariod of snowy mountains at Whistler, Canada

Whistler: whit-woo!

Worst trip: Returning to Auckland from the Bay of Islands on a boat with three very seasick children.

Best-kept secret in New Zealand: Oke Bay at Rāwhiti [in the Bay of Islands]. It’s just stunning.

Place that surprised me the most: Houston - not necessarily for good reasons. We may have been doing it wrong, but it was very dull.

Biggest womp womp: Not packing chains on a ski trip in France and being hit by a one-in-50-year storm. My friend Jemma and I ended up stuck in a car in a snow- storm with five children for hours while our husbands went on a mission to buy chains. I’ll be forever grateful to her for somehow having the most amazing hamper of food on hand.

A black and gold compass on a white background

People I most like travelling with: My kids [Brodie, Cami and Taj]. It’s a privilege to explore places with them – well, it is 99 percent of the time!

Person I’d jump off a moving train to avoid travelling with: See above! That’s how I feel the other one percent of the time.

Favourite holiday ensemble: The fruit-themed outfits we bought for my family – 16 of us, adults and children – and wore through the streets of Hanoi on a trip to Vietnam in 2018.

Regrettable holiday ensemble: Again, see above!

No-holds-barred dream holiday: South America or the Maldives – or anywhere, really, that involves a plane and a passport, and doesn’t involve a global pandemic.

Back-to-real-life next holiday: The Coromandel. It’s still one of the most beautiful places in the world, so no complaints.

Most Instagrammable vista: To-Sua Ocean Trench in Upolu, Samoa. Selfie I wish I’d never taken: I hardly ever take selfies, so my regret is probably not taking more.

Favourite holiday read: This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay. I’m not sure if you’d describe it as a holiday read but it’s certainly one of the best books I’ve read on a holiday.

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

Backpack, wheelie bag or suitcase? Wheelie bag.

Bikini or one-piece? One-piece.

Stilettos, sneakers or Birkenstocks? Sneakers.

Blue sneaker on a white background

Don’t let me leave the house without: A compass. Not really, but I do like to get my bearings as soon as I’m in a new place.

Yummiest on-the-road cheese scone: I’m quite partial to the cheese rolls at Dunedin Airport.

Helpful hack for flying high: No hacks – just enjoy that you get to sit down and watch movies while someone else brings you food. Bliss.

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