Director and actor Jackie van Beek shares her travel secrets and worst trip
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Director and actor Jackie van Beek shares her travel secrets and worst trip

Jackie van Beek


Travelling around Scotland in a campervan with toddlers couldn't dampen Jackie van Beek's sense of adventure. She shares all her travel tips in this Q&A.

First trip I remember:

Travelling from Wellington to Auckland on the overnight train to go roller skating with family friends.

Last trip I remember:

A whirlwind tour of Aotearoa for our “Do Something New, New Zealand” campaign with Tourism New Zealand.

Best trip:

Exploring Croatia with my husband, comedian Jesse Griffin.

Worst trip:

A tour around the Scottish Highlands in torrential rain, with two toddlers in a campervan.

Place that surprised me most:

Edinburgh. The weather, the castles, the vomit on buses.

Biggest womp womp:

What does that even mean?!

Favourite holiday outfit:

Bikini and jandals.

Regrettable holiday outfit:

A brand new see-through bikini.

Person I most like travelling with:

Jesse and the kids.

Person I would jump off a moving train to avoid travelling with:


Cheese scone, meat pie or sausage roll?

Cheese scone, these days.

Backpack, wheelie bag or suitcase?

Backpack for camping.

Wheelie bag for city trips. Bikini, one-piece or muumuu?

Bikini for outdoor swimming. One-piece for indoors.

Luminaries book by Eleanor Catton

Stilettos, sneakers or jandals?


Favourite holiday read:

The Luminaries – it took me an entire summer!

Best-kept secret in New Zealand (that I’m willing to share):

A tiny cove in Kororareka at the base of Flagstaff Hill.

Most Instagrammable vista:

The swimming holes found outside of Alice Springs.

Kororareka, Bay of Islands.

Kororareka, Bay of Islands. IMAGE SUPPLIED

No-holds-barred dream holiday:

Eight weeks in Europe with the family – when it’s safe to travel again!

Back-to-real-life next holiday:

I’m guessing Waiheke.

Holiday when you’re not having a holiday:

A walk up Maungawhau (Mt Eden), a beer in the backyard, then marshmallows roasted over a steel drum.

roasting marshmellos


Tips for travelling with a toddler:

Remember you will be more exhausted – not less exhausted – after your holiday. But it can still be fun!

Don’t let me leave the house without:


My wish for all Kiwis this summer:

Celebrate the good things.

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